My Battle Call | A message to my son as he becomes a teenager
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A message to my son as he becomes a teenager

To my teenage son,

Here you are. Standing on the doorstep of total teenage-ness.

Brace yourself, buddy. . .

They don’t refer to them as the years of angst for nothin’.

There will be jerks who transform into first-rate A-holes.

There will be mild flirtations, booty shorts, and full-blown immaturity.

There will be self-consciousness and questionable judgment.

There will be more critical boundaries and more serious rules.

There will be tons of mistakes, blunders, and epic flub-ups.

But. . .

There will also be glimpses into the things that bring you true joy and ignite your passions.

There will be responsibilities allowing you to find your own voice.

There will be access to deeper insights and wisdom.

There will be true independence and self-direction.

There will be people who start to get you—I mean really get you.

There will be glimpses of the man you will become, even though you may still feel kind of like a kid.

This is, indeed, an awesome time.

And, so far, I love who you are morphing into.

At times you can be annoying and loud (so very loud), but there are also moments you transform into the most interestingly exquisite person in the room.

Your curiosity from boyhood has sustained as a unique gift, proving to be an asset as you enter this next phase. All great thinkers crave knowledge. Keep being insatiable.

I hope you never lose that wonder.

I hope you never lose your faith.

And when you do, I hope you look up rather than down.

I hope you never experience true heartbreak. But, if (and when) you do, it’ll mean you have loved. Don’t worry, your kin-peeps will always have your back.

Although at times I may get frustrated and lose my cool, I am and will always be in love with you.


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    Posted at 04:56h, 30 November Reply

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  • Mary Jo Pickett
    Posted at 14:22h, 13 January Reply

    I love this so much! I hope it is okay with you if I use parts of it in a letter to my grandson for his upcoming 13th birthday. It says so much of what he( and all 13 year olds) need to hear and know! Thank you!

    Mary Jo

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