My Battle Call | What Dogs Can Teach Us
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What Dogs Can Teach Us

Three years ago after my family’s full-court-press begging and pleading, we adopted our pup.

And she was worth the wait.

Our dog has taught us:

• Love is unconditional. And bonding is important.

• Family members require time and attention.

• Go outside every chance you get. Walk, fetch, play.

• Find a sunny spot, plop down, and chill.

• Trust is built on consistency and predictability.

• Nap when you can.

• Never skip a meal. Enjoy each bite like it’s your last.

• Stretch.

• Keep your water dish full. Splash.

• Every time someone enters your home, give them a warm welcome. But…

• Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

• Show excitement and be grateful for every new toy.

• If you want a good spot on the bed, settle-in quickly, then play dead.

• Take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

• Pick up after your mess.

• Every walk is the best walk when you are with the people you love. Stop and smell the flowers.

• If you leave your shoes and socks out, they may disappear. So, pick up.

• Learning a new trick takes patience and repetition.

• Correct poor behavior and move on. Forgive fast.

• Peanut butter is life.

• Greet your loved ones with unabashed enthusiasm. Show them you care.

• And, always love each other, fleas and all.

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