My Battle Call | This is 12
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This is 12

My Wish for you, Daughter,


May you always see the beauty in nature: oceans, trees, and mountains.

May you always know your body is a temple, designed perfectly and beautifully.

May you always have a friend who understands you and accepts you for being you.

May you always embrace your strengths while allowing vulnerabilities to shine through.

May you always feel safe. . . Always.

May you always know God’s love for you.

May you always know mistakes are opportunities for growth.

May you always know your uniqueness is what makes you special.

May you always know being authentic is better than trying to be something you are not.

May you always know you are worthy and deserving of love.

May you always know the sky is the limit, your potential is endless, and ceilings were made to be broken.

May you always know your family loves you—no matter what.

May you always know you are a child of God who is worthy of His love, warts and all.

May you always know being twelve-years-old is awesome, but the best is yet to come.

May you always know the day you were born you were loved more than life itself.

In closing,

May you always know YOU are enough.


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