My Battle Call | The Real Magic Moments
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The Real Magic Moments

Truth talk.

Despite all the amazing videos we see across social media and the news…Most children with hearing loss do not experience a “magical” reaction the day they receive their hearing devices.

The truth is, the REAL MAGICAL MOMENTS for a child with HEARING LOSS often come later. In smaller yet profound ways—

They happen when:

Your child turns to their name.

Your child hears a bird.

Your child learns a new babble sound.

Your child keeps their device on.

Your child includes their hearing device in their school self-portrait.

Your child makes a new friend.

Your child hears a wave crashing along the shore.

Your child learns how to put their own cochlear implant processor on.

Your child sings along to a song on the radio.

Your child makes it through an audiology appointment without a meltdown.

Your child says, “I heard that!”

Your child puts their head on your chest and says, ”Momma, I hear your heartbeat!”

Your child gets invited to a birthday party.

Your child asks you to put their hearing aids or implants on.

Your child auditions for the school play.

Your child looks up and points out the plane flying overhead.

Your child hears the rain.

Your child says, “Mommy” for the first time.

Your child hears crickets chirping outside.

Your child plays a new sport.

Your child hears a wind chime.

Your child hears you call them with their back facing you.

Your child’s teacher reports they are engaged and participating.

Your child learns to play an instrument.

Your child hears the car’s blinker.

Your child earns an award at school for hard work and effort.

Your child learns Chinese.

Your child hears the crunchy sound walking through a pile of leaves.

Your child repeats part of a story that was read-aloud at school.

Your child learns to sign, “I love you!”

Your child hears the kitten purring.

Your child starts dancing to the music.

Your child says hearing loss is less about hearing and more about understanding.

Your child is happy.

You see, the magic will most likely not occur in an audiologist’s office when a device is activated. Be patient—millions of profoundly awesome moments will come! The magic happens in the mundane.

Many more magic moments found in my new book!

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