My Battle Call | You Know You are a Parent of a Child With Hearing Loss When…
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You Know You are a Parent of a Child With Hearing Loss When…

Parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing are a unique group of individuals. And although there is no one-size-fits-all way to navigate hearing loss, there are many commonalities.

You know you are a parent of a child with a hearing loss when:

You are more excited about your child receiving an upgraded hearing device than getting a new car.

You let out a huge sigh of relief after a successful IEP meeting.

You tear the house apart at least once a week looking for a missing device.

You consider your speech therapist, audiologist, and surgeon some of your closest champions.

You bring tissues to your parent-teacher conference.

You quickly know who your real friends are and appreciate the kindness of others more than you ever knew.

You can spot a hearing aid or cochlear implant a mile away.

You can change the batteries of a hearing aid with one hand, without looking.

You point to your ear and say, “I hear that” even when your child isn’t with you.

You have the cochlear implant company trouble-shooting department on speed dial.

You celebrate when your baby makes a new babble sound.

You get excited when your child turns toward their name the first time you call them.

You feel happy when you don’t get put on hold with your insurance company. And even more elated if you actually get through to a live person.

You are relieved when a referral or authorization goes through correctly.

You meet another family with a child with hearing loss and become fast friends.

You become an expert at reading audiograms.

You are overcome with joy when your audiologist calls to tell you they had a cancelation and can fit you in.

You can fix a broken device without any help from the manufacturer.

You are overjoyed when your child draws their cochlear implant or hearing aid on their self-portrait.

You make reward charts for your child to encourage them to wear their device.

You never take your eyes off your child at pool parties, the beach, or anything having to do with water.

You go right up to another parent who has a child with a cochlear implant or hearing aid.

You smile when your child becomes a motor-mouth.

You have backup batteries and hearing device parts in your purse, car, drawers, everywhere.

You have found a missing device connected via the magnet to the refrigerator, car seat, or toy box.

You advocate tirelessly for your child.

You celebrate successes, big or small.

You believe in your child. You accept your child. You are proud of your child.

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