My Battle Call | The Golden Moment
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The Golden Moment


I remember wondering after learning of my newborn baby’s hearing loss if he would ever develop spoken language or hear my voice. 

The thing is—I never really articulated my concerns, rather I tucked them deep inside. I stored them within walls of mortar I created around myself. 

But, deep down…

I wondered.

As a hearing person, this worry was probably natural, even though I soon learned that through technology and therapies, he might learn to use spoken language. There was also the option of learning sign language as a means of communication.

Options. We had them.

But, deep down…

I wondered. 

We opted for infant hearing aids, extensive speech therapy, and later a cochlear implant. He was meeting benchmarks, progressing, and exceeding expectations.

But, deep down…

I wondered.

The weight of the responsibility to ensure his language developed weighed heavily on shoulders…like the heaviness of the mortar I had buried myself in. 

The secret worry. 

The anxiety that I shared with no one. 

The second-guessing. 

It pressed down on my chest, aching in the silence of the night when the lights were turned down low and no one could see me.

But with each magical moment, the cement walls began to be chipped away. Piece by piece the mountainous worry lessened. 

It was gradual. 

It wasn’t obvious while it slowly crumbled.

And then…

The golden ring.

This was the thing an early interventionist had shared with me in the very beginning stages of our journey through hearing loss.

He reminded me every week as we entered into his office for therapy—the work we were doing now, the laborious effort that was expended, would eventually pay huge dividends. He assured me there would be a moment when I realized the language would flow and never stop.

But, deep down…

I wondered.

I wanted to believe but couldn’t truly imagine that moment coming to fruition. 

And then one day we were driving in the car and I turned to my child and said,

“Can you please QUIT talking for a moment!?” 

That was it. The golden moment. 

And I didn’t have to wonder any longer.



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