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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of helmet do you use for sports?

The first step is to talk to your pediatrician. Then, know that every helmet fits differently based on your child’s head shape/size and the location of their magnets. It may take some trial and error, but if you are patient and persistent, you will find the right fit.

How did you decide to do a cochlear implant?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to make this decision. It is very personal. Based on the kind of hearing loss our children had and the guidance of many experts, we felt cochlear implants would give our children the best opportunity to develop speech and language.

How do you prepare for an IEP?

We have always tried to make the educational staff aware we are on the same team. We should want the same thing for our child, which is to have access and opportunity to thrive. Rather than entering into a meeting defensively, we have always used a collaborative approach. In the end, parents are their children’s biggest advocates. Let the staff know you are willing to work together for common goals.

Do your kids play sports?

YES! There are many reasons we encouraged our kids to play sports but the biggest is the confidence that is gained from being part of a team. Always check with your pediatrician first, but sports have played a huge part in our children feeling accepted and confident.

What is the hardest thing about raising kids with hearing loss?

The hard things have changed depending on their age and stage they were in. When they were little, literally keeping devices on was super challenging. Now that they are older, it is watching them sometimes struggle to understand what is being said. It is less about hearing and more about processing the information.

Do you kids go to mainstream school?

Our children started in a DHH/Hearing Peer Preschool Program. Children with all different communication modalities were in their class. They both transitioned into mainstream classes beginning in Kindergarten. But, it is really more about their needs being met rather than being “mainstreamed” or in a DHH program.

What accommodations do your kids have at school?

Every child is different and IEP goals are specifically based on the individual. Some basic accommodations for a DHH student are: preferential seating, Use of a sound-field or FM system, a copy of the notes ahead of time, additional time for tests, closed captioning for audio-visual equipment, and listening breaks.

How did you know your kids had hearing loss?

My son failed the infant hearing screening test at birth. Two weeks later we had an ABR to confirm he had a severe loss. We later had genetic testing that identified the syndrome that caused his loss. Most people who are born with hearing loss learn what caused it.

What an IEP?

An IEP is a law from the Special Education-Individuals with Disabilities Act. Included are specialized educational services, accommodations, related services. It is offered through 12th grade through the Department of Education. *source

What is a 504 Plan?

504 is Civil Rights-Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Includes accommodations and modifications. No age limit and transfers to college. Under the Office of Civil Rights.

How did you decide on which implant company to use?

This is best discussed with your team of specialists. Each implant manufacturer has unique features to their device. I would study each brand and then make the choice that best fits your child’s needs. Technology is advancing and changing rapidly. So, do your homework.

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