My Battle Call | eBook: Navigating Your Child’s Hearing Loss
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eBook: Navigating Your Child’s Hearing Loss


Digital Book


As the mother of two kids with cochlear implants who are now thriving teens, my mission is to increase understanding, awareness, and acceptance for children with hearing loss while offering support for YOU, parents who are navigating this journey. I’ve put together this ebook as a tool to help, encourage, and guide as you create your own journey. Some of these essays are more indepth in my new book: Found here!


This is an ideal tool for active, involved parents raising a child with hearing loss.


This resource includes:

  • Guided exercises to help you gain clarity about how you want to influence your child to thrive.
  • Heartfelt personal stories and reflections.
  • A template to coaches ~ it sparks the thought behind how you can intentionally communicate with those who will interact with your child.
  • Encouragement! I don’t underestimate the power of positivity.
  • Dedicated opportunity throughout for you to personalize and actively put pen to paper.
  • A real, but optimistic approach that proves your child CAN and WILL thrive.

Set the bar high. Your child will rise and exceed it.


*This ebook is a digital PDF download!


Listen to my radio interview: why I wrote the book!

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eBook: Navigating Your Child's Hearing Loss
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Megan

This was amazing!! There is so much to learn and adapt to. I am so thankful I found this in the first year of our journey and it was so helpful to have as we prepared for kindergarten. This book will come in handy for many years to come!

 by Lauren Eberspacher, Author & Speaker

I believe that this will not only be helpful just for parents of kids with hearing loss, but really for any member of the extended family, too. The more we can understand about different walks of life, the more we can live together in a way that is compassionate and loving.

 by Jodi Cutler

Excellent format, synthetic, emotional and extremely useful. An outstanding resource for parents, coaches, etc. I love that it's concise and affordable. You're doing an amazing job!

 by Lisa Leshaw, M.S. CMHC, CASAC

It's a privilege to order your book.

You're truly changing this world through your words and wisdom.

We're learning through your compassionate lens.

 by Marcia C.

First, I loved it!

Second, thank you for including the workbook-style action item pages. The listening fatigue section is soooo needed! I love identifying the issue and having solutions and strategies for me and my husband all in one place. The strategies are good for the home and to share with others. 

Third, here’s what I know...
Most parents feel an overwhelming need to do something after the initial shock (of a diagnosis). I hadn't seen a tool on providing support and assigning meaning to sound (until this book). This is something we can all do and it's awesome. I look forward to more installments.

"Through the Fog: navigating life's challenges while raising kids with hearing loss"

Available here