My Battle Call | Tell Me More About It
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Tell Me More About It


Thank you for supporting my work!

I know you could just “take” it from the internet, so I really appreciate you valuing my words!

I have always believed people mean well. And usually, if they stick their foot in their mouth it’s because they just don’t know “what to say.” I wrote this piece when my daughter caught a child in the grocery store staring at her cochlear implant. Her first reaction was to be annoyed with the child who was looking at her. I explained how most people are just curious. They stare because it is something they are not used to seeing. So–what if instead of being mad…we just addressed it. “I see you are looking at my cochlear implant…” Break the ice, so to speak. Nine out of ten times, the inquisitive child will move on once they understand what it is. And, rather than the parent being embarrassed by their child’s stare, what would happen if they taught their child to do these things instead? How cool would that be? I think it would be life-changing for all of those involved.