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Let’s Work


Some of the Services I Offer:

  • Freelance Writing
  • Guest Speaking
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Product Reviews

Freelance Writing

I have a degree in journalism, with twenty-plus- years of experience. (Well, actually longer if you count my second-grade short story I wrote about a sponge named Bob). Utilize my expertise to create interesting copy, write featured articles and/or blog posts, or create social media content (graphic and text).

Guest Speaking

Looking for someone to share their heartfelt story, testimonial, or just to provide some hope via live or virtual event, or a guest on your podcast? I’m your girl. I am motivated to share our unique story with other parents and/or professionals in the area of hearing loss, military life, or other things from the heart.

Sponsored Posts

Let’s collaborate. Allow me to share what it is you love— by promoting your niche to my engaged audience via a variety of platforms.

Brand Ambassador

Having others in your corner is a key ingredient for success. Are we aligned with a common mission? If so, how cool would that be to work together?! Let’s chat. I am inspired by working with people who are like-minded and trying to change their slice of the world.

Product Reviews

Got something cool you need reviewed or tested? If you are looking for someone to try out your product and share a review, I can provide you with detailed analysis and feature what makes it special.

Social Media Management

Grow your social media platforms. Because, let’s face it… you have to utilize this fantastic tool to be relevant and get reach in today’s world.  I’m an expert at creating unique content via blog posts or graphics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Some cool peeps I have worked with are live event producers, physical therapists, hearing technology companies, and writers/bloggers. I can help you grow your audience, increase your reach, and impact your following.


Facebook Business Page average reach 800K per month

Audience of Women 35-44 years old

Manager of multiple Facebook pages

Administrator to a variety of private Facebook Group pages


Additionally but not irrelevant:

BA in Journalism

Certified Running Coach

Certified Strength Training Director

Team Manager for Club Basketball Team



Former columnist in print media, now a regular contributor on Today Parents, Her View From Home, Scary Mommy, That’s Inappropriate, The Mighty, Military Spouse Magazine, amongst other rad places. Also, had my work shared by Ashton Kutcher (How cool is that?!)



For inquiries and fees, you can contact me here.


Or contact me through my social media:

Facebook: @MyBattleCall

Instagram: @mybattlecall

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"Through the Fog: navigating life's challenges while raising kids with hearing loss"

Available here